Outside of my professional career I have always enjoyed dedicating my time to sportive activities and traveling. Below a selection of (400km+) cycling trips I have made over the past years. Feel free to ask about any of these, most have detailed routes and travel reports in case you are interested.

Cycling trips

Cumulative kilometres: 13 795 k

Bandung, Indonesia to Yogyakarta, Indonesia (~560 km) – with a lot of enthusiastic local support – December 1st to December 4th 2022

Grenoble, France to St. Pons, France and back (~425 km) – with Lara – March 29th to April 5th 2021

Milan, Italy to Narni, Italy (631 km) – with Martha – October 25th to November 1st 2017
San Francisco, US to San Diego, US (~1000 km) – with Martha – December 17th 2016 to January 1st 2017
Almaty, Kazakhstan to Jalalabad, Kyrgyzstan (~1000 km) – with Martha – July 18th to August 10th 2015
Beaune, France to Roanne, France (~400 km) – with Dilruba – July 17th to July 22th 2014
Rotterdam, The Netherlands to Greiveldange, Luxembourg (491 km) – with Yannick, Max (check out his incredible travelling website) and Pim – July 25th to July 30th 2013
Thames, New Zealand to Tauranga, New Zealand (~500 km) – with Grover – April 10th to April 17th 2013
Queenstown, New Zealand to Picton, New Zealand (2103 km +135 km hiking) – with Grover – December 14th 2012 to January 14th 2013
Prague, Czech Republic to Istanbul, Turkey (2917 km) – with Rens and Jörgen (up to Budapest) – July 10th to August 7th 2012
Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands to Paris, France (~600 km) – with Vincent and Wieger – August 5th to August 10th 2011
Gaziantep, Turkey to Tel Aviv, Israel (1348 km) – with Wim – January 27th to February 17th 2011
Ankara, Turkey to Finike, Turkey (~600 km) – with Grover – November 13th to November 20th 2010
Rotterdam, The Netherlands to Prague, Czech Republic (1220 km) – with Lisanne – June 19th toJuly 1st 2010